She Enjoyed His Devoted Lip Service Full Of Pleasure

Turning her gaze away from her neighbor’s window, she circled her right nipple with her index finger, lifting it from her handful of bosoms. Her tender caresses of pleasure elicited her soft sigh and her heartbeat became faster.

It was just before 1 o’clock in the morning. Michelle was lying on her bed. Almost ten minutes ago, she got rid of her blue string. Her bra had also been lying on her chair in the corner for a while. Spellbound, she stared through her bedroom window in the opposite wall. The curtains were drawn but transparent. She could see through it. Through the window of her neighbor. Ah-there he was … His light had come on-the sign for you to turn her off. She leaned over to her bedside lamp and pressed the switch that plunged her bedroom into deep black. Slowly she got up from her bed and went to her window, her heart pounding. She pushed the curtain aside and now had a clear view. Today it was a blonde he had with him. A small slender blonde, a Naivchen that really believed he would still note her tomorrow. She had no idea that she was nothing more than the charm of the night with him. Only Michelle had a different relationship with him.

Wild showers of pleasure for sex ran down her spine

An intense, one of which no one seemed to suspect anything. Not even this unsuspecting blonde who was just seduced by him. She had a tight black skirt, which reached just above her small buttocks. Even that sight aroused Michelle. Not looking at the couple, she walked back to her bed. As she lay down on it, the silk bedclothes crackled softly and the cool material chased her comforting thrill through her body of lust. Her neighbor was now kissing his blonde lover devotedly. He passionately caressed her lips while his hands rode through her long hair. She put her head back and enjoyed his devoted lip service. He kissed her chin, licked her neck and grazed his hands with her butt. Michelle felt a tingling sensation between her legs and her nipples also rose sharply. Slowly he opened the blouse of the blonde button by button. Michelle began tenderly stroking her upper body with her right hand. Her neighbor had long ago thrown the blouse of blond and even her red bra was already unnoticed on the floor. Tenderly, he now licked her big breasts standing apart from her luxury body. At this sight, Michelle felt a touch of unbridled jealousy, but which seemed to turn into pure desire and insatiable lust. Her own fingers made now more demanding to create their breasts, she pinched herself again and again easily in her hard nipples and felt thereby a tremendous pleasure shower. In the opposite window it was getting hotter, the short skirt of the blonde had slid up to her stomach and the attractive face of Michelle’s neighbors disappeared partly in the lap of the woman writhing in pleasure. She put one of her long legs with the black high-heeled shoes on his shoulder and let him lick unrestrained.

The sight made Michelle moan and she realized how it was getting moister between her legs. Her clit called for salvation, touch, and affection, and Michelle could no longer deny her that. Her fingers moved slowly down her body. Her lust and anticipation increased from second to second, inch by inch, with Michelle’s hand trailing. Gently she scratched through the strip of hair she always left when shaving to play. The touch at this point almost drove her crazy – what would happen if she finally touched where she was most sensitive? She turned back to the couple, who were passionately spoiled in the living room opposite. That she does not ask why she’s not going to bed … Michelle thought. He had still sunk his head deep in her lust lap. But his hand worked on her vagina even more. “If the windows were not locked, I would hear them moan with pleasure,” Michelle thought. The blonde had a hand on her plump breast and kneaded it devotedly. With the other she pressed his face deep into her crotch and drove him wild again and again through his dark brown hair. His fingers seemed to be deep in her pussy and Michelle envied her that horny feeling. With her middle finger she began to massage her clit throbbing with pleasure. A warm feeling of desire and lust spread in her abdomen. But Michelle wanted more.

Lust, what a pleasure she had now on a hot fuck

Slowly, she let her other hand slide down, deeper and deeper, until she had arrived at her pleasure hole. She kept circling her middle finger around her clitoris indescribable lust. But she wanted to feel more. She wanted to feel what the blonde felt. Slowly she pushed her index and her middle finger of the other hand into the opening of her tight vagina. She was so wet that her fingers just slid into it. Loud and lusty she moaned as she felt her fingers deep inside. She slowly began to move her fingers back and forth, groaning at the exciting feeling of double pampering … Again she looked at the couple. Now it seemed to be his turn. They had changed places and the blonde slowly took off his jeans. Even from here, Michelle could see that he had a mighty hard in his pants that revealed itself as a bump in his blue boxer shorts. The blonde had straightened up, with her bulging breasts over his chest and now stood a few inches in front of him. She kissed him on the mouth, wandering with her hand into his boxer shorts.

As he touched his cock, he seemed to groan loudly, but he did not move from the spot but enjoyed her finger skills. Michelle now wanted to be in the place of the blonde, wanted to hold his cock in his hand and massage him. Wanted to take him between her lips and suck him hard. As if that had been her cue, the blonde now dropped to her knees, pulled down his boxer shorts with one hand and took his cock in his mouth. Michelle could not see exactly what happened – the blonde blocked her view. But she was so horny to lick a cock that she let off her own hot pussy. She leaned over to her bedside table, opened the drawer, and pulled out her skin-colored lust vibrator. As she began to lick her tongue on the artificial glans, her fingers found her clit again and began to circle her again. Like a real cock, Michelle licked and sucked on the vibrator and massaged her clit with relish. She moaned over and over again, her breath became increasingly violent and she kept looking through her window to her neighbor. He had clung to the blond long hair of his blond sex acquaintance, his breath was fast and his face had taken on a horny expression. Suddenly he leaned down and picked her up and kissed her. His hands moved to her butt, he squeezed him tight. With a jerk, he turned her over, gesturing for her to lean forward

From excitement and pure lust her pussy had gotten really wet

Michelle stopped her wild games and held her breath. She led the vibrator moistened by her saliva to her pleasure opening and waited. Waiting for ER to invade his partner. He led his glorious, throbbing cock to the hole of the blonde. Carefully, he penetrated her. And with his cock in the blonde, the vibrator slowly appeared in Michelle. Feeling completely exhausted by the big vibrator, she groaned indignantly. She switched on the vibrations and her neighbor began to move in his partner. First slowly then faster and faster. And Michelle moved the vibrator in and out of her wet hole again and again. She groaned loudly and passionately and forgot everything around her. Her fingers played around her swollen clit, her vibrator vibrated deep in her pleasure hole. The first orgasm was not long in coming. Michelle’s body cramped, a burning heat shot through her body and she literally screamed out her lust. But that should not be the end of her hot pleasure. Breathless, she watched the passionate love game of the two opposite, again she felt a stab of jealousy but this also immediately turned into endless pleasure. She moved the vibrator out a lot faster and back in, her fingers clawed her clit much faster and much faster came the redemptive next orgasm that seemed to be even heavier than before. How she wished to be in the place of the blond, who was sweating with red face sweating from Michelle’s neighbors? Michelle now took the blonde’s position, propped herself up on her bed with one hand, and let the vibrator glide into her wet hole in the same position as the blonde felt deep inside her neighbor.

He had taken an incredible pace, fucked the blonde hard and fast. She distorted her face seemed no longer responsive to lust and looked incredibly horny. Michelle wanted to be with them, wanted to lick the pussy of the blonde while it poppen from him. Instead, she jerked the vibrator deep into her vagina. She pushed him to the limit, pushed him with similar speed and violence as her neighbor his cock in the blond again and again and out. The pain Michelle felt it quickly turned into pure lust, she could think no more, do nothing more than to fuck himself like that. A third uncontrollable lust orgasm lowered her to her bed and she moaned for a few seconds afterwards. When she straightened up, she saw that the light in the opposite window had gone out.

She looked at the clock. It was already 3 o’clock in the morning. He had rarely fucked for so long, Michelle thought. She got up from her bed, went to her window and put her curtains back in the right position. She went back to her bed and sought the lust vibrator. Ah, there he was! She smelled it. He smelled of fresh pussy. Michelle went to her large bedroom closet and took out wrapping paper. At nine o’clock he would call her again. He would grin at her and she would give him the vibrator. The would be unwashed but nicely packed. As always. A small thank you for the last night. As a small exchange, so to speak. He would bring it back to her in the evening. And then he would go again-without hints, without superfluous words. And Michelle would still look him over. How he would disappear in the house opposite. And full of desire to wait for him to turn on the lights again at night and let them watch.