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As always, I took the train home. When I got into the compartment there were already two good-looking ladies. And I do not want to believe it until today, they wanted me birds at once. One orgasm after another, I sat down in their cracks.

Every weekend I have to go home by train for about 2 hours.Since I do not have a car and no colleague drives him in this direction, I always have to take these efforts to drive him to the little Bimmelbähnchen. I got on Friday around 6:00 pm because he was going home. There was a lot going on except in the smoking compartments. I discovered a compartment where of the 6 seats only one seat was occupied. I opened the door and asked the present woman if there was still free. She just nodded briefly and turned her eyes back to the book she read. I packed my gear and sat right at the door.

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Now I took a closer look at the lady at the window. She looked very mature in her business suit. The suit consisted of a skirt and a jacket, both of which were gray, with a wise blouse underneath. Under the skirt she wore black tights that ended him stiletto heels. Her face was dark brown and her blond hair was great. I closed my eyes to relax a bit. But my thoughts keep wandering over the body of my traveling companion. I imagined how I spoiled her with my tongue. As the door opened I had already received a big bump from my beautiful thoughts under my pants. I opened my eyes for a moment to see who was there. And I covered my bump with my hand. It was a young woman sitting opposite me. She was dressed very dark. Her black hair was just the beginning. She was wearing black leggings over a black sweater barely reaching the leggings. She also wore black boots that were tied up to the shin. I closed my eyes again and deepened my thoughts to the beautiful blonde.

I was totally torn from my dreams when I noticed how a boot pushed between my legs. I opened my eyes and looked for what was there. It was the foot of my dark travel companion. The boot was now set down exactly on my crossbar. She immediately said that I should undress. I looked around and saw that the curtains were drawn. I wanted to open the door but it was locked. The blonde had only briefly looked up and then turned back to her book. Already I felt the pressure on my pelvis getting bigger. “Come on,” I only heard briefly. I looked at the woman opposite. She now had a whip in her hand and waited. Shy, I took off my shirt and got up to open the pants. But she took it over and tore my pants down. I also had lost my shoes somehow and so I just stood him my string thong in the train compartment. “Not bad, but I want to see everything,” said Sandra.

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The name stood on her bag, which was stowed over her. I dropped my panties and my still hard cock sprang out. Again Tanja looked up from her book to lower herself with a red head. Sandra grabbed my mast’s hand and examined him more closely. I kept looking at Tanja and hoping that she would help me. After Sandra had finished and realized what was going on between Tanja and me, she ordered me to kneel before Tanja. I should pull up her skirt. What I did under threat of the whip. Immediately I realized that there were no tights but suspenders. That was not all. When Tanja lifted her pelvis to let the skirt disappear behind her butt, I realized that she had nothing underneath and was completely hair-free. Immediately I should start to treat her tongue. I let my tongue glide slowly through its sensitive area. Sandra immediately screamed at me to make it faster. So my tongue wanders quickly through the ever-wetter area.

After a short time her whole body reared up and she screamed out her orgasm. The orgasm was not subsided because Sandra had already dildo me a hand pressed him because I should make him disappear Tanja. I slowly let him disappear from her cunt. Again I was too slow and therefore got a blow with the whip. I let my hand slide faster and faster. Again, it did not take long because she came back to orgasm with a loud moan. Her loud orgasm screams were abruptly interrupted by a knock on the door. “Ticket Control” follows shortly thereafter. Sandra unlocked the door and pulled in the conductor. He was barely in the room there had already closed and pushed him into the seat. On the name tag I could see Heiko Tschirner. But we did not get much further. Sandra had already ripped his pants open and pushed my head to his tail still hanging sleep. I picked him up and blew him gently. I massaged his eggs. My cock was now a bit limp what Sandra suppressed with violent Wichsbewegungen. As both tails stood apart. She pulled down her leggings and sat on Heiko.

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He had a huge dick that was hard for him to disappear her pussy. I should stand behind her and press my cock him her butt pussy. I made it very hard but when we both were inside it started to ride like crazy our cocks. I thought that my cock would start breaking right away, but she just kept going. She rode herself to orgasm and another orgasm. He had hardly died down when the next orgasm was approaching. When she recovered from the second, we had to get our cocks out. She puts him in the middle and we two spread us left and right of her. She gripped our pipes with her hand, pressed them together and jerked off. I was the first to spray the cargo. She flew over Sandra on the tail of Heiko. For him moment inject my orgasm and it ended up as on my pelvis. We collapsed in the seat exhausted. Sandra pulled Tanja and she should lick our cocks. In the meantime, I pulled Sandra back on properly and disappeared. When I came to my senses again. Did I realize that we were just at my stop. I got dressed quickly and jumped out of the compartment with the conductor. When I collected myself at the station, all I could see was the taillights of the train making it disappear into the night.