In The Thong In Front Of The Mirror, She Satisfied Herself To Orgasm

She stands after the shower in front of the mirror, then puts on her thong. Slowly she begins to feel her body, caresses it very gently. Hot and cold it runs over her back, as she begins to satisfy herself.

I’m Tina 40 years old, and now I would like to tell you my erotic story. It happened in the summer holidays, that sounds like it was not nice. Well, I was very scared of the first time, although my then friend said over and over again that it is certainly not bad and does not hurt at all.

I want to do it myself in the string tanga in front of the mirror

I am standing in front of the mirror on this beautiful morning, wearing a thin thong, and stroking sleepily through my eyes. The night was very warm and I was quite sweaty. Although I took a shower last night, I was able to take a shower again this morning. I stroke my long blond hair backwards, take a hair band from the cupboard under the mirror and tie it into a braid. Then I look down on my Stringtanga, which falls just over the Stringtanga and shakes his head. “I can put the after shirt in my underwear right away!” I say softly. The fact that I sweated at night, the thong was still pretty damp and stuck to my body partially.

I could see in the mirror in front of me, that my two breasts clearly under the damp fabric. The two small red buds in the middle of them I could recognize, as I never wear a brassiere and actually does not have to wear one. Slowly I take off my thong and let it fall to the floor next to me. “I do not think there’s anything going to happen there, I’m out of age, where the body is still growing!” comes softly over my lips, as I look down on my breasts. My entire upper body has a wonderful brown skin color, only the two breasts had a narrow bright strip, wherever the bikini top sits. I never dared to go upstairs without going to the sun, although my friend always said that others do it too.

It is because I am not satisfied with my breasts! In my opinion, they are just too small! Although I have a pretty petite body, but it is very athletic, a few larger breasts would still fit. Big boobs and a petite body do not match! But when I look at my two breasts in the mirror, they are very small. I once tried on a brassiere with cup size A, but I would have to fill up the cups with cotton wool to fill them completely. The only thing I like about my breasts are the two dark red nipples in the middle of them, which are surrounded by a slightly larger areola. When I’m in the shower, soaping my athletic body, I often stroke the dark red bud.

I rub my pleasure past my thong

Then a nice feeling flows through me and she straightens up a bit and finally stands hard in the middle of my small breast. I wish very often that my friend once touched me so much. But so far he has never touched me there or has seen my breasts. Whenever we cuddle together and he tried to stroke my breasts, I quickly took his hand and shook his head. My friend just looked at me but never said anything. But I knew that he longed to touch me there as well. “I do not want that yet!” I only gave him to understand. After this warm night, I had to take another shower. I stroke my hands briefly over my two small breasts and then lean forward a bit to take off my thong. Even though I am not satisfied with my breasts, I especially loved my body. Although I’m very dainty built, but if I wear a tight jeans or a tight mini skirt, I get from the boys already a recognition. It’s about my beautiful pear-shaped butt, which is clearly visible in tight clothes.

I leave my thong on the floor, sit up again and look at myself completely naked in the mirror. A beautiful brown body, except for the part where my bikini top sits and my bikini bottoms. When buying a new bikini, I make sure that it does not cover too much. If I do not go upstairs without lying in the sun, then I still want to brown as much as possible. The bikini bottoms just have to cover my pear-shaped buttocks in the back and of course only my venus. I even had a pair of bikini bottoms that covered so little that I had to shave off some of my pubic hair. Since then I shave down there three times a week! No, I’m not completely shaved, always leave a narrow strip that covers my labia. If you can talk about covering at all! Because I have a blond hair color, you can see my labia very well, especially if my pubic hair is wet. But even now I can see her very clearly in the mirror. “And that’s where my friend will put his cock!” I think about it and lightly stroke my hand over the narrow strip.

My pubic hair was filling up differently through the thong

Wonderfully soft feel my pubic hair and the underlying labia are also very nice supple. Then I tap my fingertip on the head of my clitoris for a very short time and immediately my whole body begins to tremble slightly. A soft groan comes over my lips. Why is not my friend with me now? I would now readily surrender! I had just finished the thought when it knocked unexpectedly on my door. I flinch slightly, think about who is standing in front of my room door and go over to the closet. “Just a moment, come here!” I say softly as there is another knock on the door. Then I open the cupboard, quickly find a large bath towel and wrap my naked body in it. Slowly I go to the room door to open it. My mother is standing in front of my room door and looks at me questioningly. “Do you want to take a shower before breakfast?” my mother asks now.

That’s what I had in mind, but it can only come down that way! “I answer her,” Take a shower first and then come down to breakfast for breakfast! “My mother says with a smile, then she turns and walks up the stairs I’ll take a look at her, wrap myself out of the big bath towel and take it in my hand … By the way, when it’s so warm outside, I love to go around the house especially naked, but I only do that, when my parents are away from home, but now it’s time for me to take a shower, leave my room, and walk down the hall to the bathroom, stripping my thong.