Love In a sultry Hot Night By The Sea Of Yearning

Love is something very big, it is like a lighthouse in the foaming surf. She withstands every storm and every depression. It is the glow in your eyes in the morning and the lightning of the stars in the night. Our couple here experiences you. In Endless Love.

The evening had brought only little cooling. The sun was just touching the horizon, turning the sky into a sea of flames, like the burning passion that always preceded the night on the beach, the sea sparkling and glittering like myriads of wistful tears in big, dark eyes. Smiling, an old local man looked after a couple who, laughing happily, romped along the beach, which was now almost deserted, bathing their beautiful bodies shining like bronze in an orange-red light. A wave dragged itself particularly high up the sand, surprised the giggling people, water splashed up and ran off along her smooth, sweaty skin. Panting, they stopped and held each other’s hands. They looked at each other, admired the perfection of the other, caressed their wet and trembling limbs with their eyes. Just for fun, a tongue tickled over bare, salty, hot skin tickling. First only a grin, then … a look into the eyes of love.

A long night full of longing for love and greedy plasure

A deep look of shining eyes, full of blazing love, full of desire for closeness, touch, for tender rubbing. A gentle, drawing, wonderful pain pervaded every fiber of her tightening body. The smile gave way to deep sincerity as desire changed into determination. They clung tightly together in the gathering darkness as they climbed the dunes, breathing heavily, toward a small boathouse. Drawn forward by ardent expectation, they could conceive no other thought than wild imaginings of the coming night, the yearning that would bring no sleep, no dreams, only the fiery fantasies rising high and higher, spiraling up into a universe of flesh and the dizzying pain. They lay down in the soft, warm sand between the discarded boats, even as such, ready to drive out to an open sea of ​​emotions, to unite and sink.

Then Mike John stuck his cock in the butt and they fucked themselves crazy all night.