Love And A Sex In The Tight Rosette, In The End Waiting For The Jail

Love is to go to jail for her? After jumping into the bathroom, she pushed a tube into his hand. He understood immediately and made the goal of her wishes beautifully slippery. As he crept cautiously into the pulsating rosette, she fingered her own pussy. 

Heike and Peter sat with crimson heads,in the sparsely furnished living room opposite. A little blush came from the alcohol. But a good part of the hot conversation. “I do not know how we come down from the mountain of debts,” moaned Heike. “Now comes your unemployment too.” “I know something that did not cost any money,” Peter whispered at her ear, biting her earlobe love. The young woman jumped immediately. The earlobe was one of her most sensitive parts. She let her head fall into his lap and was pleased with his gentle massage on the breasts. The twitching and throbbing on her head made her finally think of something else. She fumbled, stroked and pulled on the zipper with a pull. Candle straight stood the attracting pint in front of her eyes. Only a small turn, then she could flit with the tip of her tongue over the whole long mast. Peter flinched every time she crossed the ribbon and around the thick bulge. He also felt like coming to other thoughts.

Laboriously, he stroked her T-shirt over her head and pushed on the front closure of the brassiere. Kisses on the right and kisses on the left. Willingly, she raised her butt to help with rock and panties. He reached over his head, legs apart. As he suckled on the clit and made herself very long to catch his pint with his lips, there really was only the big feeling. Money, debt and unemployment were a long way off. Only one thought pierced Peter in the head. He’d been carrying it with him for days.

Until midnight, they celebrated their festival of love

After the extensive French appetizer, the thirst tormented. While Heike reached out full of love, he poured the rest out of the red wine bottle. The fact that Heike kept her eyes closed in her blissful feelings, that suited him very well for his small handgrip. They emptied the glasses and Heike went into the saddle. She growled with satisfaction at his emotional thrusts. Only now and then she fanned the pace with energetic hip swing a little. She came, gasped and rolled away from him. Again she had closed her eyes. This time apparently for longer and not in glad expectation. Slightly Peter pinched her arm. Then firmer. Only the rm jerked. The eyes remained tightly closed. Two hours later he patted her cheek. She opened her eyes cautiously and put her arm around his neck. He thrust his stiff pint into her side and joked jokingly that she was not ready for the second round immediately. “I do not know,” she growled, “I’m so tired.” He faltered: “Talk about it, it’s just seven, you’ll be awake again at the next number.”

Of course, he could not survive his petting without jumping again. Regretfully, she stroked his tail: “Poor! If we already have no money, you should spare nothing.” This time he built her kneeling in front of her and took her violently from behind. That was probably the right pick-me-up. When she came, she withdrew and offered him a lodging upstairs. He felt incredibly well in the exciting confines. To her cheers, he reached far around her and bumped the clit. In his hot salvo, she threw her buttocks firmly against him. “Now I could sleep,” he said with a mischievous undertone. She was now too cheerful again. Until midnight, they celebrated their festival of love.

We fucked the whole night full of love

Two days after this enjoyable afternoon, it was Saturday, two detectives appeared. They asked very politely where Peter had been on Thursday at about six o’clock. They talked about a raid on the cashier of a supermarket ten kilometers away at the time, stressing that every clue must be followed. Heike had also read about the robbery in the newspaper. She was indignant at why her husband should say where he had been at the time in question. She answered for him, rather pointedly: “He was with me, all afternoon and night.” She was rebuked because the question was not addressed to her. However, she mumbled, “If you need to know for sure, he was in my arms from the afternoon until late at night and I in his.” Mockingly, the official remarked: “At some point, they must have let go.”

“Not on this day and at this time, we enjoyed what poor people can have in vain, if they want to know for sure, we cuddled and fucked from the afternoon until midnight.” Cautiously, one of the detective asked, “Could it be that someone used your car? We have the testimony of a witness that your Fiat has been leaving the supermarket parking lot at high speed at the time in question.” Quickly Peter answered: “It would not be excluded, we have no garage, the car is on the road around the clock.” “Did you notice anything? A violent opening … Shorting the ignition?” Peter said no, and added meekly: “The witness just made a mistake in the license plate.” The witness even wants to summon it. “The criminal investigators agreed with each other’s eyes, and after a few words, they said goodbye.

Love in the anal rosette

“There’s some car number spinning around and you’ve got the police in the house,” Heike sneered, when she was alone with her husband again. She approached him, snuggled up, and reached passionately into his cheeks. “Hey!” she growled, “Relax, I can swear, too, that you fucked me wonderfully at the time in question.” To really relax, she ran a hand under his waistband and massaged the little man in the mood. Because she did not want to succeed, she fell to her knees, fumbled with his trouser buckle and snapped his lips at the half-booted man. That always worked with him. Soon Peter was so excited that he pushed his hot lips joyfully. Little by little, they freed themselves from their clothes and celebrated a beautiful French lesson. In the second climax, she poked Peter on the living room table. As always, he deftly restrained himself. Good thing, because Heike wanted everything again that day.

After jumping into the bathroom, she pushed a tube into his hand. He understood immediately and made the goal of her wishes beautifully slippery. As he crept cautiously into the pulsating rosette, she fingered her own pussy. Unfortunately they could not finish this number. Shrill sounded the hall bell. Again it was the police. This time they came with a house search warrant. While one looked around the living room and kept an eye on the couple, the second went to the other rooms. With Peter’s big tool box he came back and put without comment a pack of bills on the table and a black wool mask. Heike exclaimed, “Peter … you have not, but we were lying on the couch together.” “Let it be,” he responded stoically, “I gave you a sleeping pill, you slept over two hours my love.”