Lesbian Ladie Girl Meets With Suitor In A Sadomaso Room

I have been working for the escort in Berlin for more than two years. Since I had always lived sex as a hobby, I wanted to make this my profession. During the day I go to my job in the office and at night I just live mine

sexual fantasies with strangers. So I do not always have to search, I have decided that I work for an escort agency. I have to say that I can not complain about the onslaught of the men. Most of all, I’m a bit exotic about sexuality. Not only am I bisexual, I also live for Sadomaso and practice the submissive part. Alone these two basic requirements makes many suitors curious about me.

It was one of those boring weekends, when it was very quiet even with suitors. Every now and then there is. Sometimes the phone rings continuously and I can not decide with whom I want to meet and sometimes it’s just a doldrums. I had already prepared for a leisurely evening home alone when my phone rang. It was Markus, whom I already knew. He was a suitor with whom I always liked to meet, because between us it just fit. In addition, I knew exactly his preferences, which made things a lot easier. However, it is often the case with suitors that you already know, that the nice evenings usually end up in bed. So usually no food is considered in a restaurant to get to know each other, but immediately arranged a meeting in a hotel. Personally, this fact does not bother me, because even the fast and fleeting sex is perfectly fine for me.

Markus pushed a little around the phone. He wanted to try something new with me. And since he knew that I would not rule out bisexual experiences, he asked me if he could not take a female acquaintance. That was perfectly fine for me, after all, for a long time now, I no longer had the opportunity to touch and caress a woman’s delicate body. With Markus I always meet in a Sadomaso study in which we book a room. I must say at this point that Mark is on the bizarre sex, where he can take the reins in hand. So exactly the right counterpart to me.

We met in our famous locality, where Markus had already booked a room for two hours. He came with a nice woman, which I liked immediately. We changed into the locker room and entered the room with three of us. In this room has the advantage that just everything is available. Therefore, no utensils need to be taken from home, but everything is ready and waiting for its use.

Markus tied Carina with bondage ropes and slowly began to spank her bare bottom. She enjoyed it, I could see that. Even if she did not want to show it that way, I knew that look. Humbled, Carina looked at Markus and wanted more. But Markus was an outstanding suitor in SM sex, because he knew exactly that one must first work out the favor. Carina had to lie down on the leather bench and spread her legs, which was not an easy task given the bondage parts. And now finally I came into play. Markus ordered me to lick Carina’s crevice and give her pure pleasure.

As I cared for Carina’s column, Markus at the same time subjected me. It was difficult for me to find the right balance, because I had to focus not only on my suitor, but also on his companionship. Hardly did I do my job well, I was punished with lashes. That may sound hard at this point, but if you enjoy the pain and stand on SM, then this is just a fulfillment.

Not only did I bring Carina to orgasm with my tongue, but I also took care of the best piece of Markus by the way. I had my hands full this evening, but it was not just a tingly and highly erotic experience for me, but I was also able to live out my bisexual passions with Carina.