How I Mislead The Nerd In The Night Train To Pimp

Well, here you are sitting with a student on the train who is a boring and nerd. The question arises how do I get this bottle around?

Several times we sat on the way home in a compartment. I from the first semester and Micha, already in the fifth. I loved his company, blamed only his streber soul, his objectivity, which sometimes earned him the reputation of a professional idiot. There was nothing like that on that day. We had missed the afternoon train. Now we sat in the night train alone in the compartment. What a pity, he reached for the textbook. Langweiler, I thought, was at the same time aroused by a bold idea. Only a few minutes I leafed through the colorful magazine with lovely Eva and Adams in fantastic games. Then I put it down on the window table and apologized to Micha for a moment. During my absence, curiosity had defeated him. Bold, I asked, hoarsely, “Shall we look at it together?”

Me and the nerd had missed the train

The only reaction: The nerd laid the book back. Concentrated on his subject matter, however, the nerd was no more. I spied the suspicious bulge in his lap under the edge of the book and his eyes over the edge of the book, alternating with the colorful pictures and me. Twenty minutes to the next station, I rolled over and wanted to know. Kess I put one leg on the radiator under the window and let the mini slip so that he had to see the dark fuzz. The panties had wandered into my purse on the toilet. Again I reached for the newspaper, keeping it in mind that he had to keep an eye on the back, where a cute kitten nibbled a stout fellow in the truest sense of the word. Of course, my lap became more and more uneasy while reading, the Mini still got an idea.

I cheered. Looking sideways, I saw him embarrassedly squeezing a hand on the bump. Oh, the tough guy, I thought, had no idea he was sexual inhibition in person. The minutes go by. So it should not be my hope. I decided to buy myself. My bare toe pushed resolutely toward, far between the thug’s thighs. As he reached for it, he encouraged me to jump on the seat next to him. With embarrassed chatter, I offered to participate in holding down the mighty uprising. Immediately my hand was alone and felt the clear throbbing.

Nerd or not, it was cool with him

Gross and uncertain, the nerd looked at me. I could not detect a defense. Driven by the time I had to dare. The zipper jumped up and the hot desire in my hand. I still held his gaze. A shiver ran down my spine and my hand went so far into the ground that the purple head blinked at me appetizingly. Micha’s determined grip on my most exposed jewel made me leave after seconds. The nerd stared in surprise. It pulsed even harder in my hand. I was thrilled, now quenched my appetite, no my hunger. Was he afraid that I could bite my rage? No, he slowed me down because the train also slowed down when entering the station.

Oh, how I felt about this abrupt demolition. Never again did I think and helped with the makeshift packaging of the little man. My ears roared at the touch. I expelled an elderly gentleman with a smoking cigar from our compartment with the laconic remark: Non smoking! We stayed alone, not our desire. No longer professional idiots and nerds, Micha introduced me, directed me into a deep bend. The opposite seat held my hands. I felt the hot spike on my butt. Oh yes, that’s what I would want him to do, but not the first time. I reached through my thighs and pulled it in my hand. In the timetable I then looked up, exactly fifty-two kilometers lasted the magnificent symphony with three powerful drumbeats and sparkling finale.