Eyes Of Love, A Radiant Unknown Smile Of Yearning

It gives everyone the opportunity to suddenly look into unbelievably beautiful, unfamiliar eyes. The heart races, although this person is completely unknown to you. That’s what happened to Charlene, a young doctor in a café on the outskirts of the city.

Charlene had a busy day, the city was steaming in the heat, although it was already after 20 h. After all these wacky women in the practice, she needed some relaxation and since Michael would not be able to get away from work until about 10 pm at the earliest, she called him to ask him to pick her up from the café. She sauntered through the busy streets that were slow to calm, looked at a window-sill here and there, bought a darling pair of panties in a lingerie shop when it was open, for she knew that Michael loved lingerie, but In this heat even light silk would not be the right material, so she comforted herself with it and strolled slowly to the café, where she caught a small table overlooking the still vibrant pedestrian area. She ordered a tonic, lit a cigarette and after about ten minutes, the tension that had built up during the day in the hustle and bustle of her doctor’s office slowly fell away. Okay, she had wanted it that way, and the stress she had with all those patients was the career prize.

She looked into the blue-blue eyes of a man

She was deep in her newspaper for some time, startled as she folded the newspaper and, looking up, stared into the open, steel-blue eyes of a man who had taken her a surprise seat at the next table and looked at her with frank curiosity. Nevertheless, he seemed to feel caught, because only fractions of a second after their eyes had met, his were suddenly very intense in the half-full beer glass sunken. She too quickly sipped her glass, realized that it was already empty, ordered a new one, and meanwhile desperately tried not to look in the direction of this man. Her subconscious, however, had noticed that those eyes were interesting to her, had memorized that her slightly brutal expression had pleased her, those strong arms just right to carry her to whatever she never would have allowed them to do. And against her will, as if by herself, her eyes wandered furtively to him, and as he seemed to look in a different direction, she took the seconds to look at him more intensely. Mid-to-late thirties, well-groomed, well-groomed, tall, fair-haired and strong-haired, she sat contentedly and immediately called this unknown _Marc_. He had to be _Marc_, there was no doubt about that; and she was so lost again in thought that she forgot to turn her infinite eyes away from his direction. He gave her a friendly smile, not so outrageous, and Charlene had just overcome her smile when she felt hugged from behind.

Michael had appeared and struck her so impetuously that she did not remember how _Marc_ paid, took a last look at her, and disappeared into the broken darkness of the city. She was just giving Michael the time for a glass of beer, then they left for home because it was getting late and tomorrow they both had to leave early in the morning. While Michael was still having a drink at home, Charlene hurried in the bathroom, finished faster than usual, and put a touch of good night on Michael’s forehead in passing. She lay on her bed, feeling dead tired, yet unable to sleep. As soon as she had closed her eyes, she looked into those steel-blue eyes of that stranger whom she had called _Marc_, felt strange, strong hands on her body, brutal and tender lips on her mouth, the weight of a strange body on her-and Michael , who was now quietly entering the bedroom, saw an immaculately beautiful body lying open on the bed, saw the distant ecstatic smile on her face, and, though tired, accepting this apparent invitation with a resigned smile.

Is a look in the eye and a smile already infidelity

Quietly, he lay down next to Charlene, calm for the first few seconds, then gently stroking her stomach with one hand. Only very tender, very careful was his hand, but immediately came her reaction, raised and lowered her stomach. As if by herself, her left hand found her breast and Michael just had to watch her buds start to sprout under her own caress, her thighs opening slightly, then closing again with a slight squeeze. Every now and then, Michael knew this game, all he had to do was wait for her lap to open in his direction. He did not have to wait long, as Charlene turned on the side facing away from Michael, bending her hindquarters in his direction, straightening her lower leg as she bent her upper thigh, opening her thighs slightly, so far that Michael directly could look into the slightly shiny lap.

And since he had long been ready by his own activities, he approached his body seemingly waiting for him, easily entered Charlene, and immediately sensed her reactions that seemed to suck him up. At first, Charlene seemed to passively enjoy his gentle rhythm, then, suddenly, it was she who set the pace, nearly raped him, rode him, until at last they both came in a scream. And only the circumstance of his rapture made him cry: “_MARC_!” and he was not at all disappointed when Charlene fell asleep with no further words, with a blissful smile. Charlene, meanwhile, was busy for the next few days to decide if this evening had been unfaithful.