Dream Woman Of The Whores And Hookers

Somehow I was in a difficult situation. Because even though I had everything, my emotional world caused me some problems. I owned a very large farmstead in Brandenburg and I made a living from farming. I’m pretty much what you call a typical farmer.

At 1.70 meters in size, I weighed a whopping eighty kilograms. My fingers were drawn from the hard work with calluses, which did not necessarily increase my attractiveness. However, my wife blew up these measures an even greater, because the weighed as good as the double. It will probably be able to imagine every man. That sex with these body measurements was not necessarily easy. Although, if I’m really honest, then the sex has not taken place for more than a year. Unfortunately, one can not only live on air and potatoes, which is why I always longed for a dream woman. Probably the best way to satisfy my desire offered me the nearby Berlin.

So I made a plan so I could spend one week in the capital, undisturbed. My idea was a girl that was the whole opposite of my fat wife. She should look like one of the noble hookers and whores from Berlin. Through an extensive research, I saw my biggest opportunities with the escort in Berlin. I was looking for an affordable small pension and told my wife that every Friday there was an agricultural fair in Berlin, where I had to go. But before that I made an extensive picture of the hookers and hookers in Berlin on the internet, so that I could find the right one when I arrived. Already next Friday it was time.

Whore or hooker, no matter what you call her, she was a dream girl to me

Around noon I reached my pension and immediately connected the laptop to look for my corresponding dream woman. Again, the best choice of escort in Berlin seemed to be, because with a countless selection of different girls, he was really all desires. I decided on a super slim 19 year old model and ordered it to my pension at 5 pm. Far from my fat wife and the potatoes, I thought only of the sex of me would soon expect. Punctually then knocked my chosen dream woman from the escort in Berlin at my door and introduced me to friendly. I estimated her in her early twenties and invited her in to join me.

She had voluptuous breasts and a lovely little apple butt. After half a bottle of champagne, she then began to undress in a dance-like manner. She played with me and drove me with her fragrant skin almost insane. My agitation was so strong that I feared the worst. And then, of course, exactly what happened is a nightmare for every man. Because just in the moment, when the dream girl from the escort in Berlin dropped the last covers, my little piston discharged as if by itself and smeared the wonderful breasts with the stale cream. Gosh, that was embarrassing.

Here the sex was really full in the pants and finished the game, even before it actually started. With humor and understanding, the girl dressed again and disappeared with a smile from my room. Completely depressed, I immediately searched for new hookers and whores in Berlin to arrange a new meeting. I decided to get one down before the next meeting, so that the sex does not end the same way as the first time. Said done, my next meeting with hookers and whores in Berlin were without premature incidents and were a great success for me. Today I am a satisfied regular at the escort in Berlin and have come to appreciate the hookers and whores in Berlin very much. Thus, my wife can continue to eat in the future, while I have to renounce neither the dream woman, nor the sex.