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Live and let live
Even the ancient Romans knew the motto “Carpe Diem – seize the day”. By that is meant to seize the opportunity and to be able to do something good for you from time to time. You answer a contact ad and make a date with a lady from the escort service. Even before the agreed time, you get nervous and constantly look at the clock. Of course, you have prepared well, showered and shaved and a bottle of sparkling cold. But you never know! The doorbell interrupts your thoughts and you open expectantly. In front of you is a beautiful Latina with coffee-brown skin and long black hair. The lady looks even more beautiful than in the photos. She introduces herself and takes off her coat. Underneath she wears normal everyday clothing. To relax her drink a glass of champagne. She retreats to the bathroom to freshen up while you wait for her in the bedroom.

After a few minutes, you will hear her footsteps approach the bedroom. You look expectantly to the door and it almost takes your breath away: the exotic beauty is in front of you, wearing only a red lacquer skirt that can not cover the buttocks. Below she wears only a tiny thong. The slutty outfit is complemented by bright red knee-high boots, which reach almost to the crotch. “Do I like you, honey?” she breathes and looks at you with her brown eyes. You are missing the words and you just pull them on the bed. You lose yourself in a wild hug and exchange passionate kisses. The panties are taken off in no time and you spoil each other with your tongues and hands. “Darling, please take me now, I can not stand it anymore,” she whispers hoarsely and pulls you on her brown body. Since it is dripping wet, you slide almost without resistance to the stop in her and she begins a wild ride on you.

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