An Orgasm Can Be Hell With Hard Electric Shocks

Gagged and bound you tortured my tits and worked my cunt with electric shocks. Willeless I got an orgasm after another, until the fainting occurred.

For five years I was already a cutter in film production. My company mainly shot erotica and porn movies that are in high demand in the market. However, my career choices for friends and relatives took quite a bit of getting used to, because even in the twenty-first century, the word porn is still a bit offensive and leaves a sour aftertaste. Still, I made good money and was able to watch half the world for free as we were shooting worldwide, depending on order levels. Anyway, I felt really good and could combine my job and my passion so well. Each of our crew had certain passions about the subject of sex, which he could live out completely unrestrained here. My personal favorite was the bondage area I preferred. I have rarely experienced a practice where you can come to orgasm so horny as in this sex practice. My interest in bondage was aroused at a film shoot in Holland, which dealt very intensively with this topic.

Just watching me almost brought me to orgasm

Alone watching caused a lust, as I had never experienced before. I envied the actress and would like to go to the camera myself. We were in London right now, preparing a new movie. Workers set up the scenes while we discussed the script again on the set. By chance, Persi and Fred from Belgium were on the set, which I had known for years. The two turned exclusively SM porn and have become really good friends over the years. After the meetings were over, we decided to go for some food and returned to an English noble Italian. The mood was exuberant and passed quickly. After the third bottle of wine Persi asked me if I would like to have a horny bondage session? I hesitated because they knew of my interest but not that I had little practical experience. Just trust us and let yourself go, said Fred in a calm voice. I suppose it was the wine that let me agree and disappeared with the two in a noble body. It only took ten minutes to get to where you wanted to go. Our way led into a seemingly rented warehouse where the rooms were divided equally. They led me into a square-sized room, in which wooden piles, ropes and a sort of climbing frame stood. On the ceiling hung an old neon tube, which threw a dim light and the floor was covered with thick felt mats. We went to an adjoining room where we again emptied a bottle of wine. Then we made a codeword, if it should become too much at some point.

They knotted me and fucked my cunt several times to orgasm. Corded tits and impossible positions drove me insane

I got undressed down to my underwear, the alcohol giving me an intoxicating dizziness. Fred put a black sack over my head and led me into the square room. Stumbling, I ran after it, until we seemingly reached the jungle gym. Then they took off my underwear and they tied my arms in a splayed position and did the same with my legs. I felt thick cords around my tits getting tighter and tighter until I felt they were being crushed. In the hope of a hot orgasm, I let the procedure go through me and suddenly found myself losing the ground under my feet. They pulled me over a pulley up, which meant that I hung in the balancing act in the air. My holes were thus sperangelweit open and invited them cordially. I felt the pain as it turned into lust when I noticed something hard on my ass. Someone drilled his cock in there and fucked me rude to the first orgasm. I was sweating like a pig under the bag and had to bite on the lips as they put braces on my nipple.

My can was so wide open that you could look me in the neck. They finally took this bag from my head and I saw Fred standing in front of me with a monster-like double dildo. Persi had a pot of boy butter in his hand, which only gays use, as it was the best lube on the market. Generously he stuffed the butter in my holes and fucked me then again with Fred to orgasm. The feeling of immobility could not be described and the orgasm was twice as strong as usual. Then the dildo was used. They literally rammed him into both holes, which I still offered in a balancing act. I squinted at my tits that had already started to turn blue and felt like death. That they were not, I realized, as they dripped hot wax on top of me. I screamed madly and did not know how to stand it any longer.

They tortured my cunt almost to death and brought me a no-stopping orgasm

Still there was a huge dildo in each hole. As if that were not enough, they put on my clit even a vacuum pump, which sucked my clit and pulled more and more protracted. In the belief of having to die, one orgasm after another took place. When I almost ran out of air, they took off the pump and replaced it with a power-driven dildo that vibrated so hard that the orgasm came every second. They held him again and again on the clitoris, until my senses faded with exhaustion. Every time I was with me, the game started again. They tormented me until I screamed and shook cramps and yet I was not able to scream the codeword. With every touch it spurted out of my cunt in fountains. My ass was glowing and now stretched so far that you could sink tennis balls into it. I stopped counting at the eighth orgasm and felt like I was in a trance. My voice started to fail as they began to work on my wounded cunt again.

Fidgeting, I hung on the ropes and screamed for hours the soul of the body. With even more pressure rattled the dildo like a compressor on my clit around and brought about an orgasm, which did not stop. The piss ran uncontrollably out of my hole and made the world around me dark. Unimaginable horny pain sent me into a deep swoon. Many minutes later, I woke up on the floor and was enveloped in a warm blanket. Gently my two tormentors gave me something to drink and helped me to get up. An experience that I only recommend to every woman if she is strong enough.